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With some trading experience already under your belt, the time to take your online trading activities to the next level is now and this is where the How to Invest Academy Student Course takes center stage. The Student Course will give you a recap of the basics of online trading including must-know basics on forex, stocks and cryptocurrency trading. To enhance your trading accuracy, the Student Course also covers vital concepts of market analysis including Fibonacci, candlesticks as well as chart formation patterns. By understanding the factors that make the markets move as well as how to predict the price movements of assets, you will be able to finetune your trading and increase your trading accuracy. The end result is profitability and maximizing your returns from the financial markets. With the quizzes provided after each high-quality lesson, you can test your understanding and enhance your trading skills with ease. The How to Invest Student Course will give you all the knowledge and tools to trade with confidence.

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The Crypto

3 Modules

$579 to $447
All the Crypto Modules
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The Beginner

5 Modules

$969 to $747
All the Crypto Modules Including Fibonacci and Candlesticks
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The Professional

7 Modules

$5499 to $4647
All the Crypto, Basic and Student Modules Including Fibonacci, Candlesticks, Chart Formation and Patterns, Forex Indicators and Timing
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